Casting Continues

After a thorough search that truly spanned the globe, we’re very excited to announce that the veteran actor, Sean Cameron Michael has agreed to join the cast of the AST franchise. His body of work, commitment to the craft and overall versatility and professionalism make Sean the ideal person to play the challenging role of Gideon.

Gideon is the Commander of the international AST team. A master spy and briliant strategist, its his job to send his people into the fray never knowing if they will return. Years of so many secrets, so many missions  weighs heavily on him and given all the danger and intrigue, at times we have to wonder if he’s a force for good or for evil.

Such A Tease

Its been a while since my last update and much has happened.

First of all we’ve added the brilliant Actress, Andrea Stefancikova to our cast. We’ve also added the legendary Shelley Cook to our Stunt Team and  the gifted Artist, Ciara McAvoy to design and paint our one sheet (Movie Poster).

The next big thing for us is the announcement that we’re going to produce a Proof of Concept Teaser ahead on Principal Photography on the first feature.

Numerous delays are to be expected and we have certainly had our share, but most of the talented people we’ve attached are still very much with us and eager to do the best work of their lives on the AST franchise.

Thank you for your support and please, stay tuned.

Asymmetrical Strategies & Tactics

One of the secrets of A Sexual Thriller is that the acronym AST, has many meanings. One of which is Asymmetrical Strategies & Tactics, an Agency designation that describes precisely what our heroine and her team use as they embark on dangerous missions to serve a higher good.

An Independent Feature Film must operate in much the same way. We don’t have an army of lawyers and accountants or the massive war chests of the major or mini-major studios, but what we do have is unbridled passion for the characters and story we’re working to tell. We also have an agility that allows us to respond to shifting sands and adapt to whatever changes come our way.

One of those changes was Florida’s elimination of tax incentives for Film & Television which forced us to move our production base to Canada. At this juncture it appears Toronto will likely serve as our home away from home. But even there, incentives are on the chopping block and should the cuts go too far, yet again we will have to adapt and move production elsewhere.

But as our team has grown and soft prep continues to advance, the franchise has begin to take shape. The addition of a brilliant Stunt Coordinator and Fight Choreographer, Chris Brewster and the brilliance of Lindsey Hermer-Bell as our Production Designer has strengthened an already impressive group of key creatives and cast.

In the weeks ahead we’re expecting some major announcements so please check back often for updates.

Opportunity In Change

April 2015

Its been a while since I’ve updated you as to our progress on AST so here goes. First of all last year was very good for us. We added some amazing talent both in front of and behind the camera, built more of the strategic relations that are so pivotal to our endeavor and underwent a major reconfiguration of our plans due to the loss of film and tax incentives in Florida where we were going to base production.

Our new strategy involves basing production north of the border in Canada. We’re currently in the process of evaluating which city will best serve our needs, provide us with the most support and has the best cast and crew available.  With a new base, the way we will go about filming has changed but at this point, it seems very much for the better. I am quite excited by the new possibilities and finding great inspiration in the challenge. 

As for which city will win our favor, that’s difficult to say. Due to weather and location requirements the frontrunners are Montreal and Toronto. Both beautiful cities with so much to offer but alas we must choose but one. The team will be visiting each and along with some preliminary scouting, will be meeting with various post and VFX production houses as well a few potential production partners.

Truth In Casting

Maybe one day, when I’ve achieved huge success or am completely bereft of even a semblance of hope, I can speak my mind freely without consequence. But until that fateful day whatever my fate may be, I must refrain from unabridged exaltations. Anyone who has worked to achieve the impossible is fully aware they never really know how its going to turn out, they simply know with every fiber of their being they must proceed. They must endure. They must try.

But in this noble pursuit one is apt to find a long succession of obstacles and detours, in my case so often in the form of those who presume to be all knowing. Take for example the delicate art of casting. Wether it be classics like The Godfather or James Bond, studio executives and financiers have so often rebelled at the casting of unknown or as they see it inappropriate actors for critical roles. Brando was considered a scourge and Cary Grant or David Niven were preferred to a then unfamiliar Sean Connery. 

Fortunately there are courageous Producers and Directors who stay the course and persevere in the face of vehement disagreement.

I take this to heart as I bring together a remarkable group of gifted rising stars for AST. It is my duty to select the right actors for the right roles and no matter who I select, that choice will always be questioned and belittled, yet the choice is mine all the same. As with Sean Connery, these actors will show everyone that they deserved their roles and in time will become some of the most sought after players in the business.

Yes, box office names are essential and its vital to honor the distributors needs as they are partners in the enterprise and without them, all you have is a film that no one will ever see. But with ever evolving distribution models and crowd based funding alternatives, its my sincere wish that we can see more fresh faces in principal casting. None of these are overnight wonders. They each have worked for years to achieve proficiency and have suffered constant rejection and uncertainty as they make their way. 

As the old saying goes, Nobody knows nuttin’.  Given that simple truth, its all the more essential to trust your heart!

Art & Commerce

As a member of a team working tirelessly to achieve the rather difficult if not implausible goal of balancing art and commerce, I have known some intense highs and devastating lows. Neither, however, is reality rather a transitory state in an unfolding process. This is true in all aspects of life though the inherent pressure of making a feature film drives the point home with a resounding certainty.

The passionate professionals that have given of their time and energy to bring this franchise about work tirelessly to honor the art form in meaningful ways while delivering optimum business results to those who invest and support the endeavor. The synergy between the two is our focus. Not the rifts that exist between them. This alchemy is not easy to achieve but when done right, can yield phenomenal results.

Here’s to all who strive to achieve. Who face daunting obstacles with grace and aplomb. Who risk everything to realize their dreams. 

Location, Location, Location

The A Sexual Thriller (AST) project is currently in soft prep with location scouting, principal casting and key creative team building all underway.

We were planning on shooting most of the first installment in Florida but given the State Legislature’s decision to discontinue the film tax incentives, we are now evaluating other locations.

Although ours is a relatively humble budget in the fifteen to twenty million dollar range, it will mean jobs for a whole lot of people. Jobs that will now go to another State or Country. 

I still hope to shoot some exteriors in Florida but that will be but a fraction of what the state would have had in terms of jobs and revenue from hotel rooms, meals, supplies, equipment rentals and facilities not to mention the direct benefits to the travel and leisure industry here from showcasing the state in such a favorable, glamorous light.

The once deep talent pool in Florida is shrinking like a landlocked lake in the midst of an arid drought. Louisiana, The Carolinas, Georgia and the province of Quebec still offer the incentives and some of these are far superior to what Florida discontinued this spring. So, we move on and adjust our plans. All part of the process.

I’ve been asked to keep you updated with regular posts so please check back weekly for more from the AST team.

Scouting has Begun

Soft prep is underway with an extensive location scouting underway. As we progress we’ll post some of our favorite photos.

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