Art & Commerce

As a member of a team working tirelessly to achieve the rather difficult if not implausible goal of balancing art and commerce, I have known some intense highs and devastating lows. Neither, however, is reality rather a transitory state in an unfolding process. This is true in all aspects of life though the inherent pressure of making a feature film drives the point home with a resounding certainty.

The passionate professionals that have given of their time and energy to bring this franchise about work tirelessly to honor the art form in meaningful ways while delivering optimum business results to those who invest and support the endeavor. The synergy between the two is our focus. Not the rifts that exist between them. This alchemy is not easy to achieve but when done right, can yield phenomenal results.

Here’s to all who strive to achieve. Who face daunting obstacles with grace and aplomb. Who risk everything to realize their dreams. 

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