Asymmetrical Strategies & Tactics

One of the secrets of A Sexual Thriller is that the acronym AST, has many meanings. One of which is Asymmetrical Strategies & Tactics, an Agency designation that describes precisely what our heroine and her team use as they embark on dangerous missions to serve a higher good.

An Independent Feature Film must operate in much the same way. We don’t have an army of lawyers and accountants or the massive war chests of the major or mini-major studios, but what we do have is unbridled passion for the characters and story we’re working to tell. We also have an agility that allows us to respond to shifting sands and adapt to whatever changes come our way.

One of those changes was Florida’s elimination of tax incentives for Film & Television which forced us to move our production base to Canada. At this juncture it appears Toronto will likely serve as our home away from home. But even there, incentives are on the chopping block and should the cuts go too far, yet again we will have to adapt and move production elsewhere.

But as our team has grown and soft prep continues to advance, the franchise has begin to take shape. The addition of a brilliant Stunt Coordinator and Fight Choreographer, Chris Brewster and the brilliance of Lindsey Hermer-Bell as our Production Designer has strengthened an already impressive group of key creatives and cast.

In the weeks ahead we’re expecting some major announcements so please check back often for updates.

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