Truth In Casting

Maybe one day, when I’ve achieved huge success or am completely bereft of even a semblance of hope, I can speak my mind freely without consequence. But until that fateful day whatever my fate may be, I must refrain from unabridged exaltations. Anyone who has worked to achieve the impossible is fully aware they never really know how its going to turn out, they simply know with every fiber of their being they must proceed. They must endure. They must try.

But in this noble pursuit one is apt to find a long succession of obstacles and detours, in my case so often in the form of those who presume to be all knowing. Take for example the delicate art of casting. Wether it be classics like The Godfather or James Bond, studio executives and financiers have so often rebelled at the casting of unknown or as they see it inappropriate actors for critical roles. Brando was considered a scourge and Cary Grant or David Niven were preferred to a then unfamiliar Sean Connery. 

Fortunately there are courageous Producers and Directors who stay the course and persevere in the face of vehement disagreement.

I take this to heart as I bring together a remarkable group of gifted rising stars for AST. It is my duty to select the right actors for the right roles and no matter who I select, that choice will always be questioned and belittled, yet the choice is mine all the same. As with Sean Connery, these actors will show everyone that they deserved their roles and in time will become some of the most sought after players in the business.

Yes, box office names are essential and its vital to honor the distributors needs as they are partners in the enterprise and without them, all you have is a film that no one will ever see. But with ever evolving distribution models and crowd based funding alternatives, its my sincere wish that we can see more fresh faces in principal casting. None of these are overnight wonders. They each have worked for years to achieve proficiency and have suffered constant rejection and uncertainty as they make their way. 

As the old saying goes, Nobody knows nuttin’.  Given that simple truth, its all the more essential to trust your heart!

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