The Filmmakers

Joël Colburn - Writer, Director, Producer

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Joël used to sing in Coffee Houses and eventually began composing and later producing music. His music, which was highly influenced by jazz and classical artists like Gershwin and Copeland, evolved into intricate stories about love and personal discovery. His first major literary work was the stage musical, On The Couch which was about a Psychologist who is visited by the Spirit of Carl Gustav Jung. Joël wrote the story, music and lyrics and collaborated on the stageplay.

In addition to eight millimeter shorts as a teen, Joël Produced and Directed "Excerpts From Three Original Dances" for The American Ballet Academy. The project involved weeks of post production integrating the extensive coverage and matching numerous takes into a seamless portrayal of the Choreographer's vision.

His efforts then turned to writing for the screen, first doing spec scripts for the Fox series "Brimstone" then on to original stories for the big screen in the screenplays, Aspects of Evil, Profits of Doom, Danger Close, Lethal Exposure and a second installment of that Political Action Thriller franchise, Undue Influence.  Neil Ravan, Rúna Fridriksson and Art Anthony are Producing his latest screenplay, "A Sexual Thriller" for her shingle, Kristrún Entertainment. AST - A Sexual Thriller is projected to begin shooting in 2020. 

Joël brings a wealth of experience in business as well as the arts and his background includes years of study in psychology including serving as a Registered Counsellor to help facilitate personal discovery and growth.  His web site is  

Rúna Fridriksson - Executive Producer

Rúna was born and raised in Reykjavik, Iceland and moved to the United States by way of Bermuda in her twenties. Always a voracious reader, Rúna developed an innate sense of good storytelling which she would attribute in part to the oral traditions of her homeland. Her sense of structure, character development and pacing make her an invaluable asset to any writer.

After running a small business and working for other companies big and small, she began her career as a Literary Manager. She signed Joël Colburn in 2007 and has now grown and evolved into a Producer Director with her first Documentary, Meltdown. A brave look at the collapse of the Icelandic Banking system after the downturn of 2008 in which she explores the contributing factors that led to the meltdown and the ongoing risk for such a crisis in the future.

In addition to A Sexual Thriller, she has numerous projects in various stages of development under her shingle, Kristrún Entertainment. The company is built around the simple notion that movies are above all, entertainment. A chance to gain insight and joy from viewpoints beyond our own. A chance to see more of the world than we otherwise might be able. To foster compassion for others no matter how different our lives may seem.

Rúna is also a gifted Artist and a loving and caring family member.

Her web site is

Neil Ravan - Producer,  Line Producer

Born and raised in Brighton just outside London, Neil has been employed in the film industry for nearly thirty years. He’s worked with numerous legends including five projects with the Wachowski siblings, Lana and Lilly on such classics as V for Vendetta and Jupiter Ascending. 

Neil has also been a Restauratuer as well as numerous strategic Real Estate ventures. With an eye toward production efficiency Neil is a dedicated, experienced professional with unbridled passion and love for filmmaking.

In addition to his residence in London, Neil also spends time in Sao Paolo, Brazil with his beautiful wife and adorable daughter. His career has led him all over the world in some of the most exciting and challenging locations to be found. His latest projects include working on several Continents and complexities beyond imagination.

His accomplishments include Eat Pray Love, Tomorrow Never Dies, The Mummy, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2, V for Vendetta and Jupiter Ascending.

Art Anthony - Producer

With over three decades of front line experience, Art Anthony decided to join forces with Rúna Fridriksson of Kristrún Entertainment to Produce  “AST - A Sexual Thriller.” Art is a passionate professional who spent years in the trenches, making movies from small budget indie’s all the way up to huge studio tent pole, mega budget blockbusters. We’re all very happy to have him on board.

Art’s expertise in on-set operations is second to none and his work in special effects make-up is pioneering to say the least. He has developed numerous specialty products that are used by the best Make-Up Artists in the industry.

Art is also an accomplished writer having collaborated on a big screen property about the great Edward G. Robinson. His legacy continues through his beautiful and talented daughter, Jasmine Jessica Anthony who has been a regular in Geena Davis’ Commander in Chief and has appeared with John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson in 1408 and Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can.

Nicola Pecorini - Cinematographer

Born August 10 1957 in Milano, Italy. Nicola studied to become a teacher but soon realized he lacked the kind of "missionary push" necessary for such a profession. in 1976 he began working as assistant photographer for Oliviero Toscani but soon grew bored of the repetitive and shallow world of fashion, so in early ’78 he began working as “film-kameramann” for Swiss Television where he covered anything from local news to sport events. From nature documentaries to socio-political reportages around the world.

In April 1981 Nicola attended a Steadicam workshop held by Garrett Brown in Monterey, Ca. He immediately falls in love with the promising possibilities. By September of the same year he attended another workshop, purchased his first Steadicam and left Swiss Television to embark on the exciting new adventure of shooting feature films. Since then he has taught more than 25 Steadicam Workshops around the world, co-founded with Garrett Brown the Steadicam Operator Association and actively participated in the research and experimentation that led to many of the technological and technical achievements that made the Steadicam an essential tool for telling stories on Film.

For many years he found himself in the fortunate position of being one of the few “reliable” Steadicam owner/operators in Europe giving him the fantastic opportunity of working with a very large number of filmmakers and experiencing a large spectrum of styles, techniques, attitudes and philosophies.

Throughout the years Nicola moved from “plain” Steadicam operator to A camera operator and more and more often performed duties as cinematographer. In 1995 his friend Tommy Schlamme persuaded him ( with the help of some cheese,fresh figs and abundant red wine) to become a cinematographer on his next project, the new Tracey Ullmann show for HBO : Tracey Takes On. From that experience Nicola became addicted and could not go back to a life without responsibilities. His illustrious credits include. Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Rules Of Engagement and most recently Zero Theorem and The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.

His impressive reel can be found at

Chris Brewster - Stunt Coordinator, Fight Choreographer

Chris decided at the age of 4 that he was going to be a ninja turtle.  His parents enrolled him in the local martial arts studio and he was instantly hooked.  By age 12, he had his first black belt and was rated #1 internationally in forms, fighting and weapons.  Over the next ten years, he would go on to win 13 world titles and over 100 national/international tournaments.  

After retiring from competition, Chris went on to pursue entertainment, joining SIDESWIPE performance team.  For the next five years, Chris performed with his best friends, on commercials, television shows, and live events.  They won Steve Harvey's Big Time, The Tom Joyner Show, and made it to the finals in America's Got Talent.  

While performing, Chris had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing stunt coordinators in the world.  He realized that becoming a stuntman would be his dream job.  He began pursuing this new career, and had great success. Under the guidance of the best coordinators in the business, Chris was given some incredible opportunities, from doubling Daredevil and Captain America, to fighting Iron Man.  

Chris won the Taurus World Stunt Award in 2012 for best Fire Work on the movie Fright Night.  He continues performing as a stuntman and stunt double, but is now expanding into the worlds of fight choreography and stunt coordinating.  Chris brings a grounded approach to the work with powerful, story driven action which has already been seen by millions of people. His ultimate goal is to elevate cinematic action to new heights. He brings incredible passion and astounding innovation which is why we are elated to have him as an integral part of the franchise. 

His web site is

Lindsey Hermer-Bell - Production Designer

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Production Designer Lindsey Hermer-Bell moved to Canada in 1977 and graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Architecture. Now a thirty year veteran designer in the film industry, she moved from Interior design and Architecture to Art Direction and then later to designer on HBO’s “Between Friends” starring Elizabeth Taylor and Carol Burnett. Her feature film credits include “Down in the Delta” with Maya Angelou directing, “The Passion of Ayn Rand” and “Losing Chase”, Kevin Bacon’s directorial debut, both starring Helen Mirren. 

In addition to her work in Feature Films, Lindsey has designed at least fifty television projects including the A&E series “Nero Wolfe” and her television movies include “Soldier’s Girl” with Frank Pierson directing, “The Miracle Worker” also “Icebound “with Roger Spottiswoode directing, “The Crossing” “Marciano” “Word of Honour” “Our Fathers” with Dan Curtis directing and “Ambulance Girl” with Kathy Bates directing. 

Most recently, Lindsey was nominated for both Genie and DGC Awards for her work on the feature film “Shake Hands with the Devil” about UN peacekeeper Romeo Dallaire which had a triumphant debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Lindsey has brought her stunning designs to many television pilots and series and has recently begun work on a new comedy pilot for Warner Horizon. Her design creations assist in telling the story. They are ingenious reflections and extensions of the characters and we are so very pleased to have her working on the AST franchise.

Her web site is

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